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Marinated Chicken Satay

Satay, an asian kebab, are so simple and flavorful, yet easy to prepare and can be made ahead of time.They can be made well in advance and demonstrates how effective marinating can impart flavor and tenderness to meat or vegetables.

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Porcini Mushroom Rub

You can do more than just salt & pepper steaks. What we do at the restaurant is age our meats and we use crusts to add flavor. Fresh herbs, garlic, coffee, smoked salts and even dried mushrooms can all be used.

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Garlic Yukon Gold Smashed Potatoes

Some potatoes lend themselves to mashing better than others, but I prefer a waxy potato like Yukon Gold. You can leave them skin on or peel them for a restaurant like appearance. But what’s great about the basic recipe, is that it accepts other ingredients easily and makes your mash into a smash!

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