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White Mountains Hiking

Hit the Trails

Some of the best White Mountains hiking trails are mere steps away from the front door of Stonehurst Manor. The ski routes that lead away from the resort thaw, melt and transition to hiking paths, giving guests easy access to the great outdoors and the vast array of adventures awaiting near the resort.

North Conway and White Mountains Hiking Trails

  • Cathedral Ledge
  • Crawford Notch
  • Welch-Dickey Loop Trail
  • Mount Chocorua
  • Francona Ridge Loop
  • Diana's Bath
  • Peaked Mountain
  • Mount Hight
  • Mount Washington

Ask one of our on-site experts for more information about these hikes before setting off on your next New Hampshire adventure. We would be glad to direct you to ranger stations, recommend hikes based on the season or weather, or impart some local expertise.

Take a Hike in the White Mountains of NH