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3 Mouth-Watering Summer Side Dishes

Spice Up Your Summer

Summer is the season for side dishes. It’s true. Visit any picnic or family reunion, and you will find sumptuous side dishes set up all along the table. If you are looking for something new to add to your food preparation repertoire, consider the following 3 mouth-watering summer side dishes to share with your friends and family, no matter what the occasion, or for no occasion at all.


This savory side dish is perfect for a summer cookout. Combining grilling and potato salad–two defining characteristics and staples of outdoor summertime meals–is a perfect dish to commemorate an outdoors gathering. Grill your potatoes and add Dijon mustard, parsley and some bacon vinaigrette to create this unique twist on a perennial favorite.


Another recipe with a twist, this new take on coleslaw is creamy as ever, featuring sour cream and mayonnaise, further lending to the accents created by the lime and cilantro combination. Tart, tangy, and creamy, this recipe is also quick and simple to whip up, making this side dish a contender as a new summertime classic; at least a sleeper classic.


Dipped in Panko, these fried summertime favorites, particularly in the south, are crispier and more savory than ever. With the inclusion of milk and eggs along with the Panko, this coating makes for a crunchy and filling coating to delight fried food fans in your party.

If you are looking for a favorite New England spot, brimming with delightful dishes, stop in at Stonehurst Manor for summer dining in North Conway. While you might encounter different side dishes from those listed above, you will love comparing and contrasting to choose your favorites.