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Why We Love Traveling and You Should Too


Travel invokes a psychological and physical response from new situations. Just as a muscle strengthens after a new workout, each new destination alters the way you see and exist in the world. Seeing travel as part of an inner journey to self-discovery adds a new dimension to the experience beyond taking a week off work and increases the joy in traveling. These changes are possible anywhere you go, but you can find destinations to fit the journey you wish to take.

Challenge Perceptions

Travel presents you with multiple opportunities to challenge existing connotations of your worldview. It can be as simple as a view of the roles that people play. Taking a hike through the Peruvian Amazon to see native cultures challenges the way you view life without modern advances. At the same time, you experience the sights and sounds of a unique natural habitat full of flora and fauna that are unseen in most other parts of the world. A licensed local guide provides translation and location assistance.

travelFind Inspiration

If you need to find inspiration a little closer to society, try Stonehurst Manor in North Conway, NH. Reset your mind in the outdoors along with opportunities to relax that allow inspiration to follow. Nestled in the White Mountain region, the manor offers hiking trails, canoeing opportunities and over 300 skiing trails in the nearby area. If nature is not where you find inspiration, the hotel offers relaxing amenities, such as spa services and fine dining, to step outside of the worries of the daily routine. Despite the route to clarity, the fresh mountain air and time to spend either in solitude or with friends and family relieves the clutter to find mental clarity and focus.

Be Grateful

Gratitude comes in many forms, but one is in the simple appreciation of another’s struggle. South Africa offers a destination to trace the historical steps of apartheid through Johannesburg and Cape Town. Travelers view the parliament and museums featuring protests and the vote that launched Nelson Mandela as the first black prime minister. Witness the impassioned stories of Nelson Mandela’s detention, along with others jailed for working toward equality, at the Robben Island Museum off Cape Town. No matter the trials of life, understanding your own history and the history of others serves as a reminder of the universality of difficulty and helps you appreciate what you have.

Your travel experience is more than the destination; it is the impression that the travel experience leaves. Finding a destination to match the journey you need to take is a matter of also finding your own psychological direction. These destinations are a starting point to find experiences that reset or transform. Try these destinations and then decide on more on your own.

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