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Why Condo Rentals Are Ideal For a Family Vacation in North Conway?


North Conway in the White Mountains New Hampshire is a perfect spot for a family vacation, whether there’s three or a dozen in your family. The area offers plenty of outdoor activities; the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly; and the scenery is beautiful all year round. North Conway also features a number of condo rentals that make ideal accommodations, particularly for families. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. More room. With a typical hotel room, the adults have to whisper and sit in the dark after the kids go to bed. With a condo, the bedrooms are separate from the living area, giving both parents and kids (and teenagers) room to spread out and enjoy the vacation on their own schedules and their own pace. Condos also let you come and go at your leisure, without having to navigate formal hotel lobbies and elevators and without having to worry about your muddy boots or your swimwear in front of other hotel guests.

2. Kitchens. Most condos have fully-equipped kitchens giving guests the opportunity to prepare at least some of their meals in the unit. Although food in North Conway isn’t terribly expensive, it’s nice to be able to wake up leisurely and not have to bundle up the kids and the gear to go get breakfast at a restaurant. Families with small children can also prepare snacks for the little ones without the entire family having to go out for a meal.

3. Bathrooms. Many condos offer more than one bathroom, a big plus on a family vacation. Not only can everyone get ready at the same time, but you won’t wake up the kids if you need to use the bathroom at night. If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with a six-year-old, I really don’t have to say anything more.

3. More economical. In most cases, a condo rental is less expensive than renting multiple hotel rooms. Sometimes, a condo is less expensive than a single hotel room. After all, you’re not paying for amenities that most families rarely use like room service, cocktail lounges and concierge service.

4. Good “launching point.” A condo makes a good launching point for a North Conway family vacation. Many condo developments are nestled in the woods and offer hiking trails and other other amenities adjacent to the unit. Others are only a short drive away from antique shopping, golf, kayaking, fishing and a host of other family-friendly activities. Condos also have lots of room to stow gear like kayaks, golf clubs and fishing poles.

North Conway is a delightful spot to spend a family vacation no matter what time of year you travel. The town is located adjacent to the 700,000-acre White Mountain National Forest and offers beautiful scenery and a host of activities year-round. If you’ve never tried New Hampshire for your family vacation, or if you haven’t been there lately, make sure to consider the Granite State and North Conway this season.

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