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What Will Weddings Be Like In 100 Years?


The wedding industry continues to evolve as quickly as the culture of the people celebrating the occasion. While a generation or two ago it was common to celebrate upcoming nuptials in backyards with home-cooked meals for a celebration, in recent years these trends have been replaced by people’s desires to throw lavish parties for a hundred guests or more at fancy halls or outdoor reception venues. The trends continue to change with each year, however, leading to some speculation about what weddings will look like in 100 years.


Those getting married

The average age of people getting married continues to rise, as do the rates of children being born before the marriage has begun. If this trend continues, it should become increasingly common for people tying the knot to already have one or two children, who will often have a specially designated role in the ceremony. Those getting married will also increasingly be older until it may be common for first time brides and grooms to be in their 30s, 40s, or older.

The size of the wedding

Weddings have gone from being large, festive, backyard celebrations to large, elaborate formal occasions. Recently, however, some in the industry have noticed a backlash against the societal expectation that those getting married want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a single party. Whether the couple in question does not have that type of money or if they simply prefer to save money for a trip or a house downpayment, websites catering to those interested in Do-It-Yourself wedding planning continue to rise.

More people are also opting for smaller, more intimate gatherings with just close family and friends. Assuming this trend continues, in a few generations it may be common to see the majority of weddings with fewer than 50 guests for a casual, fun filled celebration. Places like the Stonehurst Manor in New Hampshire will prove to be the perfect, romantic location for many intimate weddings.

The place of technology

Technology continues to play an ever increasing role in everyone’s lives. E-cards and emails increasingly become accepted ways to send thoughts and greetings. While the wedding industry has remained resistant to these trends thus far, it is likely that within a hundred years, technology will play a role in developing wedding invitations, thank you cards, and RSVPs. Videographers might be replaced by professionals streaming weddings over wedding websites, which will be available for those who cannot make the celebration to watch while also being saved for the wedding party to watch and enjoy for later.


The themes of the wedding

As society in general tends to become less religiously minded and weddings increasingly take part outside of formal religious rituals, many couples seek to develop their own themes and plans. This might lead to an increase in themed weddings, such as people basing their celebrations on favorite movies, characters, or even videogames.

The wedding industry continues to change and develop with each generation that participates in the ritual. These are just a few of the ways that weddings will likely change in the coming years. Only time will tell how else the celebration will evolve in the coming generations.

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