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Weddings: The Best and Worst Ideas


There are great wedding ideas, there are bad wedding ideas, there are ideas that sound good on the surface but never really seem to work out, and those that were doomed from the start. We can’t cover all of the worst wedding ideas, because there are as many bad ideas for weddings as there are stars in the sky (just ask a professional wedding planner sometime), but we can show you a few examples and help you to learn the difference between a good idea and a bad one:

Five Bad Ideas

  1. Faked Kidnappings
    Some people think this is a great tradition: kidnap the bride or groom for some barhopping. Really, though, it’s disappointing to guests who aren’t invited to the drinking festivities. Plus, many guests travel to join the bride and groom for their special day– only to see their hosts scooped up and taken away from their own celebration. Not a good idea.
  2. Technical Unpreparedness
    Ever been to a wedding where the best man has to scream his speech to the back row? Make sure you have the microphones and sound system you need. There is no acoustical value to going wireless unless the congregation of guests is small enough to be standing within earshot of the speaker.
  3. First-Come First-Serve Seating
    Sure you save yourself a couple of headaches with planning, for now. Once the wedding starts, it’s going to be chaos. Take the time to talk to your guests and see where they’d like to sit, or strategically assign families and acquainted guests to specific tables.
  4. wedding blooperCandle Lit WeddingsGreat idea for a date or a honeymoon. Terrible idea for a party with over a hundred people involved. You don’t want too much open flame around guests who may or may not be overindulging in the festivities.
  5. Disposable Cameras
    It’s the 2010’s. Everyone has a cell phone. If you’re on a budget, you can skip the disposable cameras and set up a Flickr, Instagram, or Twitter account and have guests share photos on the social sites of your choice.

Five Good Ones

  1. Start With a Buffet
    The worst part of a wedding is waiting around for the darn thing to start. Begin with the buffet, and your guests will thank you.
  2. Manor MartiniBooze
    Maybe you’re not big on drinking, but unless you know that all of your friends and family are teetotalers, consider how hard it is to get people dancing without alcohol.
  3. Wedding Flip FlopsKids Area
    Kids get bored easily. Set up a spot with video games, snacks and kid-friendly drinks to keep them happy.
  4. Flip Flops
    A lot of your female guests are coming in heels. You can’t stay on your heels all night. Flip flops will let them get comfortable as the day wears on. You may want to invest in some cheap disposables in a decorative basket somewhere and have the ladies help themselves when their feet get sore.
  5. Mid-Day Weddings
    Sunsets are romantic, but start the wedding at sunset and people won’t be able to go home until midnight. Be reasonable about start and end times, especially if your guests have to travel.The golden rule here is to be romantic, but be realistic and practical, too.Planning on getting married in NH?  Download our NH Wedding Planning Guide!

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