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Tour The Covered Bridges of NH


At the height of their use, more than 10,000 covered bridges existed throughout the United States. Of the 750 that are left, 54 of them are located in beautiful New Hampshire. Existing throughout the state, the covered bridges of NH each boast their own design that’s unique to the town where they’re located. Due to their history and structural beauty, covered bridges were the first historic structure to be protected by law in the state of New Hampshire.

White Mountain Covered Bridges

Of the 54 covered bridges located in New Hampshire, 29 of them can be found in the White Mountain area. As much a part of the landscape as the trees and flowers, covered bridges were also referred to as “courting bridges”. Each bridge offers its own beauty and scenic features. Highlighted below are five you might enjoy, with many more options available.

  1. Swift River Covered Bridge. Located in Conway, this bridge style is Paddleford truss with added arches. It was built in 1870 and stretches out to a little more than 129 feet. Although it’s closed to vehicular traffic, it’s beautiful to see and eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
  2. Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge. Located over the Flume Gorge in Lincoln, this stringer style bridge was constructed in 1939. The 60+ feet-long bridge is pedestrian only and named after the 100-year-old pine that workers built the bridge over after it fell during a 1938 hurricane.
  3. Blair Covered Bridge. North of the Livermore Falls in Campton and spanning the beautiful Pemigewasset River, this long truss bridge with arches was built in 1869. Originally built for $1000, the Blair bridge was burned down, and later replaced, boasting a sign that warned of a $5 fine for driving across it at a speed of more than 5 mph.
  4. Honeymoon Covered Bridge. Located in Jackson and crossing the Ellis River, this 121 foot bridge was built in 1876. This Paddleford truss bridge has a sidewalk, which was added in 1930.
  5. Lost River Allen Hollis Covered Bridge. The Lost River Gorge attracts nature-lovers from all over. See the 41-foot covered bridge spanning the river. The Kingpost and Queenpost style pedestrian bridge was built in 1981.

Staying in the White Mountains

During your New Hampshire vacation, you’ll want to enjoy comfortable accommodations located in a beautiful setting. After you spend the day touring the scenic bridges on your list, enjoy a relaxing afternoon and evening in one of Stonehurst Manor’s Jacuzzi Suites. When you’re not busy exploring the White Mountains or visiting the covered bridges around the area, Stonehurst Manor makes a wonderful home base with beautiful accommodations and friendly service.

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