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Top Ten Viral Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013


Come celebrate a North Conway Halloween 2013 in style at Stonehurst Manor this Halloween. Win cash prizes during our fun Trivia Night and North Conway Costume Contest 2013. Having trouble coming up with inspiration? Here are some costume ideas for popular characters who have made 2013 memorable for everyone.

2013 Viral Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have some camouflage gear in your closet, you could easily become a temporary member of Duck Dynasty. Add a frizzy overgrown hair wig, a ZZ Top beard, a cam headband, and you’re almost ready. For a prop, consider a duck whistle on a homemade string necklace.

If you’re a “Breaking Bad” fan, break out your old Telly Savalas wig. Add a nylon goatee and mustache, and a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles from grandma’s junk drawer. Even though this character reportedly ends badly on the show, you can lengthen his life a little this Halloween.

How you choose to represent Amanda Bynes depends on what stage of her life you focus on. For a more colorful depiction that everyone will recognize, don a long-haired pink wig, a floppy hat, big black sunglasses, and the most eclectic wardrobe you can manage.

Are you a fan of the Prancercize Lady? Us too! Style your hair into a bouffant, throw on a pink cardigan, and faux pearl necklace. Don’t forget to squeeze into tight spandex pants, and a pair of Reeboks. And never let the smile leave your face the whole evening.

Animal character ideas for fun costumes are:

  • Sharknado, the cult-following movie about unlucky Great Whites that were tossed from their happy saltwater homes onto the streets of Los Angeles.
  • Grumpy Cat, the lovable but grumpy Internet sensation cat with a cranky frown.
  • Caleb the Camel, Geico’s latest viral sensation about a camel who wants to know what day it is, until he finally gets the answer we all know he’s been waiting for.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Stonehurst Manor is a pet-friendly hotel, the presence of real, actual Great White sharks or giant camels may cause uncontrollable rioting and panic. Please limit your costumes to fake representations.

For New Hampshire Halloween Events 2013, come to the North Conway Trivia Night and North Conway Costume Contest at Stonehurst Manor on October 30th from 6:30 to 9:00 as it’s the place to be!


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