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Three of New Hampshire’s Athletes at the Sochi 2014 Games


New Hampshire has a strong reputation for producing winter Olympians, and 2014 is no exception. The state produced nine athletes for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and three are profiled below.

Bode Miller

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Growing up adjacent to Cannon Mountain allowed Bode Miller to stamp his name on ski racing with a lifetime career of races and championships. No surprise then, Miller was fully expected to show up and present New Hampshire’s colors at the Sochi Olympics this year. He was also expected to be a favorite, having saddled 33 victories and five previous medals in earlier Olympic contests. He was out in 2013 due to a knee repair, but he healed in time for 2014. That said, Sochi seems to have spread its curse on U.S. athletes. Miller posted 8th place in the Alpine Skiing Men’s Downhill last week, 12th place in the Alpine Skiing Men’s Super Combined Downhill, and 7th place in the Alpine Skiing Super Combined-Slalom. Only the Alpine Skiing Super-G on February 15 was left for Miller to try to take home a medal, and the soft, slushy snow didn’t seem to be working in his favor. However, Bode pulled off the odds and won a bronze medal. Unfortunately, the veteran athelete injured his knee in the giant slalom runs on February 20 and is now finished with the Sochi Olympics, one medal in hand.

Leanne Smith

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Leanne hails from North Conway and is also a product of New Hampshire alpine sports. Sochi 2014 is her second tour to an Olympics. She posted 20th place on February 9 in the Alpine Skiing Ladies’ Super Combined Downhill. Valentine’s Day was Smith’s last chance for a medal in the Ladies’ Super-G, and she did well considering that Smith completed a course other 18 skiers failed to complete. However, she ultimately placed 18th as later skiers took advantage of her early run to adjust their own skiing on the tricky course. The upside of the experience, however, is that Smith gained a considerable amount of international competition experience at the highest level in Sochi. She is currently 26 years old, with at least four solid more years in front of her to perform. In comparison, Lindsey Vonn is 29 and is recuperating for a come-back. So Smith has time to still build on her Sochi experience and potentially return at the next Olympics.

Sean Doherty

Image Source: Great Glen Trails

Being one of the youngest new Olympians on the U.S. team, Doherty has a lot to be proud of. Even further, he is representing the U.S. in the Alpine Biathlon, a sport usually dominated by Finland, Russia and Norway. Doherty is technically the youngest U.S. athlete at the Sochi 2014 games, but that hasn’t stopped him from already making a name for himself. Doherty posted gold in 2013 at the IBU Junior World Championships, and he won three medals in one World Championship, which has been previously unheard of. When not competing, Doherty calls Center Conway home. Given his incredibly strong new talent, many are hoping 2014 is the year for Doherty’s break-out debut and an Olympic medal at Sochi. His moment is yet to happen though. Doherty was held back in Italy to recover from a cold and just arrived in Sochi on February 16. His debut in Sochi has now been bumped to one of the last races, the 7.5K on February 22.

There are many other athletes trying for a medal at the 2014 Games, but the three above give plenty for New Hampshire to be proud of.

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