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The Top 5 Bachelor Party Getaway Ideas in New Hampshire


A bachelor’s party doesn’t need to be a drinking bash. It can easily be a group adventure designed to bring out the best in friendship bonds with a weekend or week-long getaway. Here are five opportunities and top activities available in New Hampshire that don’t involve a bar, strippers, or losing a whole lot of money:

1. Try out an ATV

The beauty of New Hampshire is that so much of the location is rural and out of the big city. One of the best ways to enjoy these features in an entertaining and fun way is to use all-terrain vehicle, ATV, rentals. A good group can have a great day out enjoying some motor sports and seeing the sights at the same time, which can be a huge stress-reliever from the office and the typical work grind (see Sun Valley Sports –

2. Mountain Biking

Along the same lines, mountain biking can get the best of the group worked out to the top athletic and aggro level. The trails and ride locations in New Hampshire are abundant, especially during the warmer months. Even beginners can get in on the act even if they never managed a quality mountain bike before (see Gunstock Mountain Resort –

3. Become a Paintball Master

Of course, sometimes the best fun in a bachelor’s group is to just go out in the woods and shoot your friend up with paintballs, especially when he thinks he’s an uber-master of natural resources hiding. Paintball group warfare with an entire battleground zone can be had in Weare, NH, giving an entire group plenty of activity and fun chasing each other down with air-propelled paint ball projectiles (see AG Paintball –

4. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is also going to be another activity that will test the strength of a group in a positive manner. Learning how to rely on each other to scale a vertical challenge can be a huge experience with friends and way to strengthen bonds, even on a bachelor’s getaway. And New Hampshire has plenty of climbing opportunities within short driving distance (see International Mountain Equipment Climbing Tours –

5. White Water Rafting

Finally, white water rafting is definitely going to give a whole group the sensation of their life that won’t soon be forgotten. In fact, if everyone can make it without swallowing a half gallon of water, it may even be the team accomplishment that gets remembered with every reunion for years to come. With tours at every level of experience available, any group can get in on the river fun and enjoy it for hours in a day (see North Woods Rafting –

Of course, for all the above, a good base for the group to travel out of for the day is a necessity for a good bachelor’s getaway. The Stonehurst Manor located in North Conway NH is a perfect lodging location for a weekend or week-long getaway group of friends. The hotel and amenities are top-notch and provide a great place to sleep at the end of a day and full throttle fun with friends in New Hampshire.

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