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NH Weddings at Stonehurst Manor

The Benefits of an Outdoor Wedding


King Wedding Stonehurst ManorThe wedding date is set and it’s time to pick the location. Finding the right place for your wedding and making the decoration plans can be a little overwhelming. Consider an outdoor wedding for this special occasion. The flexibility and cost savings make this a great option for couples who want to create a perfect wedding day experience.

Be Out In Nature

When your wedding overlooks fields of wildflowers, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains or an ocean sunset, there is no way to match it with an indoor wedding. You will have to add very little to complete the beautiful scenery surrounding your wedding day. Let Mother Nature take care of the flowers and fresh air.  Plan your wedding in a rose garden in full bloom and enjoy the beauty with which only nature can decorate.

Perfect Photo Opportunities

Your outdoor wedding gives you unlimited photo opportunities simply by lining people up in front of a backdrop of natural scenery. Take photos of the wedding party in front of famous landmarks, on a beach at sunset, or in the middle of fields of flowers. Photos of the married couple can be staged in similar settings, creating a beautiful wedding album without the cost of a studio photography session.

Current Outdoor Tents Enhance the Experience

Tent WeddingModern day tents for use in outdoor activities provide a bright, attractive shelter for use in your wedding. Various materials can be used for flooring to create the perfect dance floor or dining area. Have your party in the tent with creative lighting and music. Tents can be positioned any place to gain the best views for your outdoor wedding. You also have opportunities to decorate not available when indoors.

Hang custom lighting from the tent and use fabric for wall hangings. Bring in statuary, flowers, even art work to decorate the space. Tents and awnings support all types of seating for your guests’ comfort. Create your own special wedding venue or have a decorator recommend ways to enhance your day.

Cost Savings Means More Honeymoon Dollars

NH WeddingsAn outdoor wedding can save you money while creating a more beautiful space for the day. You can have more room for people and parking is normally not a problem with an outdoor venue. The natural beauty of the outdoors encourages people to wander and enjoy the view. Design the outdoor accommodations for food, entertainment and the actual wedding itself without the need to decorate separate rooms indoors. Save on electricity, heating and cooling by planning a sunny day event.

An outdoor wedding lets you be creative and save money while surrounded by the beauty of nature. Contact North Conway’s Best Outdoor Wedding for options to make your day a perfect celebration. You will create memories that you and your guests will enjoy for the rest of your lives.

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