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Spring Skiing On Mount Washington


Spring skiing season is just around the corner! The months of April through July are big here at Mount Washington. Now is the time to make your reservations and come to Stonehurst Manor for a skiing adventure at Tuckerman Ravine, located just 26 miles north east of the lodge.

Tuckerman Ravine is a huge landmark for the spring skiers and has been known to draw thousands of people in a single weekend. This is because natural snowpack on the mountain can average up to 55 feet in an average winter! That’s a lot of snow, and it can take a long time to melt. In other parts of the country where skiing has already stopped, Tuckerman’s ravine is just getting started. Mild temperatures and plenty of snow make this the perfect destination over spring break or in the early summer.

Exploring The Mountain

  • Tuckerman Ravine. To reach the ravine from the manor, take Route 16 north to the lower section of the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. The trail is maintained in the winter as a “cat” trail.
  • Hiking Trails. In addition to the skiing opportunities at Tuckerman’s Ravine, White Mountains National Forest has more than 1,200 miles of hiking trails, many of which are in easy reach from the manor.



Safety is crucial when you’re skiing or hiking, so remember to follow these tips when out on the mountain:

#1 Practice avalanche safety. The conditions at Tuckerman’s ravine can be extreme, and weather is changeable and difficult to predict. Avalanches can happen at any time. Stay on top of the situation by visiting the Mount Washington Avalanche Center website each day before you head out to the slopes. Carry avalanche equipment at all times, including water, avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels and basic camping gear. Always be vigilant and watch for signs of an avalanche. This can include a “whumping” sound and shooting cracks across the surface of the snow. Heavy snow on top of light, unstable snow creates the perfect conditions for an avalanche. You can literally hear these conditions as you cross the snow. If the snow sounds hollow, like a drum, stay away!

Follow these ski safety basics:

  • Don’t ski alone
  • Don’t tackle a slope that exceeds your ability level
  • Wear eye protection
  • Dress in layers
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear sunblock

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#2 Follow safety rules when hiking. In general, the same rules that apply to skiing and avalanche safety also apply to safety while hiking. Remember to bring plenty of water and food, and carry avalanche equipment, like a portable shovel and an avalanche beacon. Dress in layers, and have an emergency sleeping bag on hand.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the coming months at Stonehurst Manor! Explore some of our Ski and Stay packages while you are here. Stay safe and have fun.

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