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Six Weird Christmas Traditions Around the World


You are probably convinced that your family has the weirdest Christmas traditions. Perhaps you have experienced more than your share of yankee swaps, wearing obnoxious Christmas sweaters or something along those lines, but you might enjoy the fact that your family’s traditions might not even come close to the “weird traditions” category. It’s worth a holiday adventure to find six weird Christmas traditions around the world.

Christians in India Go Bananas Over Christmas

Even with the small population of Christians in India–roughly 2.3 percent–that translates to about 25 million people who still fall asleep to sugar plums dancing in their heads or fantasizing about pine needles strewn around their living room. In lieu of fragrant pines and fabulous firs, Christians in India decorate their homes with banana and mango trees to create the perfect setting for the season of giving. Families add lights and ornaments to the trees and use the leaves to decorate around and outside of the house.

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“Beer Me, Mate,” Cries Santa Claus as He Slides Down Australian Chimneys

While leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus is a fairly universally accepted practice, you will always find rogue pockets of the world upping the ante. Australia’s residents are sometimes known to leave special beverages for Santa, which include beer or sherry. Irish and British families are also likely to leave a glass of beer for Santa.

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Have Yourself a Fuzzy Little Christmas in Southern Africa

Regardless of the size of the Christian population in any country of Africa, citizens of the continent do embrace and celebrate the holiday. People decorate mango trees, shops and other places with traditional Christmas decorations while children dance and carol to celebrate. One particularly odd tradition–and for some, disturbing–takes place in southern African where people eat plump, fuzzy, fried caterpillars of the emperor moth to commemorate the holiday.


Bah Humbug! A Year(s) Without a Santa Claus: New Hampshire and Other New Englanders Eschewed Christmas Before the 19th Century

It’s hard to imagine driving through a New Hampshire neighborhood during the Christmas holidays and not seeing wreaths and lights decorating homes, business, restaurants and New Hampshire hotels, but at one time, New England wanted nothing to do with the holiday. During that time, New Hampshire passed “An Act to Prevent and Punish Disorders Usually Committed On the Twenty Fifth Day of December…” Thankfully, New Englanders found their senses during the 19th century and have embraced the holiday ever since.

New Hampshire hotel Stonehurst Manor decorated for the holiday season.

New Hampshire hotel Stonehurst Manor decorated for the holiday season.

Will Poor Santa Join in Any Santa Games?

Why yes, yes he will. As a matter of fact, teams of Santas from all over the world are welcome to join in the Santa Claus World Championship games in Samnaun, Switzerland. Some of the events at the games include chimney climbing, snowball fighting, Santa skiing, donkey trekking and sledge racing.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

Photo Credit: The Guardian

Rollin’ Around the Christmas Tree in Venezuela

In Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela in South America, mass-attendees make their way to church Christmas morning once they lace up–or clip on–their roller skates. The city closes down main streets to facilitate this special Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas from Venezuela. Christmas ball with flag

Venezuelans celebrate Christmas by rolling into town– who knew!

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