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7 Reasons Chocolate Is Good For You


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Dark, light, milk or white: chocolate is one of those universal crowd pleasers. The good news is that eating chocolate no longer has to be a guilty secret. Multiple studies have shown that there are a myriad of health benefits associated with eating chocolate.

How Chocolate is Good for You
Need a reason to indulge in your favorite chocolate treat? We have seven good reasons to order that dessert.

1. Chocolate decreases stroke risk. A 2011 Swedish study found that women who ate at least 45 grams of dark chocolate each week had 20 percent fewer strokes than those who ate none.

2. Chocolate promotes good heart health. Numerous studies have linked eating chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, to lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol levels and lower heart attack risk.

3. Chocolate reduces risk of diabetes. A 2005 Italian study linked eating chocolate with increased insulin sensitivity and thus a lower risk of developing diabetes.

4. Chocolate helps protect your skin. The antioxidants (flavonoids) in dark chocolate help to protect your skin against UV damage.

5. Chocolate Improves circulation. Cocoa has blood-thining and anti-clotting properties, similar to aspirin. This helps to improve blood flow and circulation.

6. Chocolate is good for your bones. Milk chocolate and white chocolate carry up to 1/6 of the daily recommended allowance of calcium, which promoted good bone health.

7. Chocolate makes you feel good. However, the best thing about chocolate is that it makes you feel good. And, when you feel good and less stressed, good health is sure to follow.

Annual Inn-to-Inn Chocolate Festival in North Conway
The last Sunday in February is known as the Sweetest Day on the Trails of the Mt. Washington Valley Ski Touring and Snowshoe Center.  This intown Nordic network in North Conway is located in the White Mountains of eastern New Hampshire.  This annual fundraiser is filled with chocolate goodies of all kinds, including chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate brownies, chocolate cookies, chocolate fountains and more. Trailside lodging properties and businesses, including Stonehurst Manor, offers a different chocolate creation with more chocolate awaiting at other area stops. Particpants can either cross-country ski or snowshoe between trailside stops or ride in the free, heated shuttle bus. Now in its 25th season, the Chocolate Festival never disappoints. Mark your calendars to attend the 25th Annual Chocolate Festival on Sunday, February 23, 2014!

Three Amazing Chocolate Desserts from Stonehurst Manor
1. The “Chocolate Bomb” is a mainstay on the menu.  Decadent chocolate cake, served warm with a molten ganache center…towered with Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate cigarillo.

2. The current Cheesecake offering is: Mudslide Chocolate Swirl.  Creamy Cheesecake infused with Kahlua and Bailey’s, over a chocolate Graham crust.  Served with a Jameson Whiskey Truffle and Espresso Chocolate Sauce.

3. They recently offered:  Bittersweet Chocolate Ravioli.  Manor made Chocolate dough, filled with sweet Vanilla Mascarpone.  Served in a bath of warm Chocolate Fondue, Vanilla Ice Cream and Tart Cherry Sauce.

Chocolate and The Stonehurst Manor
The chef at Stonehurst Manor in North Conway is no stranger to chocolate. In addition to participating in the Chocolate Festival, the inn’s award-winning restaurant features a number of chocolate confections on their regular menu, including The “Chocolate Bomb” and Bittersweet Chocolate Ravioli. Stonehurst Manor, adjacent to the White Mountains in east-central New Hampshire, is a Victorian boutique hotel set on 33 acres. The elegant guest rooms and condos there combine the best of historic charm and modern amenities. We look forward to welcoming you to our special–and tasty–part of the world soon.

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