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A Suggested Packing List for a Romantic Getaway!
Have you ever heard the phrase, romance is in the air? Upon your arrival in the Mount Washington Valley, you will instantly make note of many things; among them, the striking clarity and the quality of the air. What does clean air have to do with romance, you might ask? Well, that air, while enjoyable by day, makes for a grand tapestry of shining stars by night. You cannot begin to imagine nights this clear, and you and your partner will quickly realize that these are the same stars you’ve been sleeping under together all these years. The difference now is that given the time and the opportunity to enjoy them here in New Hampshire, you will appreciate them together as they glisten distantly above. Your minds and hearts will at once be clear, and the path to romance illuminates. You will never look up to the stars in the night sky the same way again.

But before you make plans to hold your sweetheart close under our amazing nighttime sky, you must first get a list together of what you to bring; a checklist for romance, if you will! Sure, we all want some spontaneity in our moments of romance, but it never hurts to plan to some extent! This list of items is sure to get you prepared for a deeply memorable romantic getaway:
  • Mouth Care: Mints, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, floss, and or mint strips. You’ve gotta have it going-on in the mouth!
  • Bottle of Wine: Try a New Hampshire local blend, like Jewell Towne Vinyards’ Maréchal Foch, or the Sap House Meadery’s Sugar Maple Mead
  • Umbrella: Just in case!
  • iPod with romantic mix: we suggest soft piano music, music that means something to you, or some classic Barry Manilow.
  • Clothing: Casual and cozy, but also something a bit dressy to show that you haven’t forgotten how to look good!
  • Chocolate. A natural aphrodisiac ….don’t question it, just do it.
  • Candle and a lighter
  • Smartphone: Preload the phone number to a local florist. Tip: Ruthie’s Flower Shop is renowned for its breathtaking arrangements (603)447-8878
  • Camera: Create memories; ask someone to snap your photo at dinner!
  • Social Media: Prepare a romantic tweet or Facebook update; something like “remembering why I fell in love in the first place” “tonight, I’ve realized that my heart feels complete”.
  • Toiletries: The usual; deodorant, shampoo, subtle aftershave, razors, perfume, chap-stick to prevent dry lips, hair ties, etc.
  • Massage oil: This could be beneficial for you, too!
  • Credit Card: For spontaneity, of course.
(note: Underwear is optional!) With the items on this list checked off completely, you’ll have far more time to spend with one another. As you sit there looking into each other’s eyes, completely absorbed in one another, you be thankful for taking our advice. Besides, you don’t want to have to break the flow of the romance to go to the store to …ahem…get something. Right? So come on up, and be READY for some serious romance!