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Date Night Packages for the Mount Washington Valley
With so much to do and see in the Valley, it’s important to plan out parts of your stay. If you are here to get away from it all and experience all that is romantic about the North Conway area, try out one or more of these “packages” of ideas for perfectly dreamy date nights!
  1. The Classic: Dinner and a Movie This classic evening should start right here, with a dinner reservation at the Stonehurst Manor. Dine in early, leaving time to get on the road to travel just two miles south to the Cinema 7 Theatre just off Mountain Valley Boulevard. What if there’s nothing playing that interests you? Try the Stone Mountain Art Center instead; there are always host to great performances. End the night at The MET to enjoy each other’s company over a warm cup of locally roasted coffee and a fresh desert.
  2. The Adventure: Pack your favorite bottle of wine, a couple of plastic wine glasses, and stick your iPod in your pocket with the romantic mix on the ready. Head off to a secret spot later in the day to enjoy a picturesque waterfall or the sinking New Hampshire sun. We recommend Diana’s Baths area for a water feature (located off West Side Road), or Square Ledge in Pinkham notch for a precipice worthy of romance and solitude. Pack a headlamp if you plan to be out after dark, and always respect the hiker’s code of responsibility!
  3. The Sappy: Nobody can escape the gravity of a sappy, romantic evening. You might feel like you’re going out on a limb, but give this a try; Visit to find a great poem; one that speaks to you, and reminds you of your sweetheart. Bring your significant other to Lower Falls off the Kancumagus Highway and read it aloud; open up, and tell your partner how you feel. Invite them for a drive to the top of the Kancumagus Pass and watch the sun go down at the Pemigewassett Overlook. Return to town for a moonlit stroll down the North Conway strip and share a desert from White Mountain Cupcakery. How cute is that?
  4. The Themed Night: Pick a theme and go for it! Try something that appeals to you, but if you’re having trouble thinking of one try this example; a chocolate theme! Start off the evening with a Chocolate Martini at the Stonehurst and head over to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some sweet treats. Go shopping and share a chocolate shake at the food court, and perhaps even pick up some brown shirts to mark the occasion! Have fun with it! Go out for Chocolate Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry’s as a nightcap. Interesting note: Soyfire Candle sells a chocolate scented candle that you can light when you get back to your room…oooh-la-la!!
  5. The Young-Again: Sometimes romance is all about the fun and the nostalgia! Have drinks at the martini bar here at Stonehurst and call FAST Taxi (603) 356-0000 for a ride down to Horsefeather’s for some more drinks! Wander south on the strip to play some mini golf at the Pirate’s Cove or Banana Village; both offer outstanding fun. Walk back up the strip and stroll through Schouler Park, crash a few local shops, and swing into Zeb’s to get some Candy, or perhaps BioFuel caffeinated popcorn; a locally made treat that tastes great AND will help you stay up later! Call FAST taxi to secure your ride back to the Martini bar to tell the barkeep all about your incredible time!
There you have it; five ideas for great date nights here in the Mount Washington Valley. Have a great idea, or a perfect night you want to share for others to enjoy? Leave your comments here and tell us all about it!