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Pet-friendly weddings: How to include your best friend in your big day


For many people, pets are much more than companions or furry friends–they are members of the family! It is only natural to want to include these four legged family members in your upcoming wedding. Planning a pet-friendly nuptial celebration, however, requires special considerations to help keep everything running smoothly. Here are some tips to help make sure everyone involved in the big day has a wonderful experience.  See the infographic and article below to learn how to include your best friend in your most important day!

Pets and wedding

by SimplyBridal.
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Plan the pet’s role

Having a canine ring bearer or a flower pal is certain to elicit some ‘awws’ from the crowd, but it is best to pick a role for the pet that works well with its personality. Some pets can be trained to walk perfectly down the aisle carrying a ring pillow without a hitch. Others may notice a squirrel off to the side after a few steps and go leaping over guests. You know your pet best, so find a way to let him or her participate without being a potential source of stress. If your pet does not do well with crowds or does not always listen then there is nothing wrong with having the pet serve as an honored guest seated in the front, off to the side.

Similarly, it is probably a good idea to assign one particular person to be in charge of the pet throughout the celebration. If possible, make this a family member or friend who knows the animal. This pet sitter can help pets stretch their legs, get them water, and help keep them calm throughout the wedding, so you do not have to worry about them on your big day.

Find the perfect wedding venue

Finding a pet-friendly wedding venue can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, there are venues that welcome pets and allow couples to celebrate with their whole families, furry members included. This is another area where you should consider the animal’s personality. A pet that does not do well with crowds or is very active will probably not do well in a small, enclosed space.

If the pet-friendly wedding is going to be open to pets accompanying human guests as well, it may also be a good idea to find pet-friendly hotels and other accommodations in the area to help make traveling easier for any out of town guests.
Dog Friendly Wedding


Pets are curious creatures. One of the first things pets like to do when coming to a new place is explore. For this reason, it is a good idea to try and introduce the animal to the wedding area before the ceremony. For example, try to include them in rehearsals, especially if they are going to have a role on the big day.

It is also a good idea to prepare those who are going to attend pet-friendly weddings. Let guests know that the animal will be there, so anyone with allergies can prepare for the event. Also let photographers, videographers, and other vendors know so they can be ready. A prepared photographer and videographer can get some amazing shots of the pet throughout the ceremony!

Pet-friendly weddings are fantastic ways to include all the members of your family on your special day. With some careful planning, the wedding can run smoothly and be enjoyable for all guests, both those with four legs and those with two.

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