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NH Restaurant Week

NH Restaurant Week


Stonehurst Manor Chef's Table DessertNH Restaurant Week is celebrating it’s third year and Stonehurst Manor is one of the star participating foodie destinations. We love the event because it gets people out and about in the community touring local and statewide restaurants to experience different culinary delights. The week long event is held once a year and chefs prepare by making special dishes to serve throughout the week to guests from around the region.

We interviewed Cindy Hureau, the event mastermind behind NH Restaurant Week to learn more about how it got started.

1. How did it start?
Celia Nardo, the COO of the NH Restaurant and Lodging Association, was brainstorming with her team and came up with the idea to have a week long celebration of the great culinary talent we have in the state. They wanted to highlight not just the restaurant establishments, but also the hotels that host a great number of award winning chefs in their restaurants as well. “We wanted to make New Hampshire known as a real foodie destination and this event has really put NH in the limelight.” said Cindy Hureau about the event. There are participating lodging venues that offer foodie getaway packages for people who really want to immerse themselves in great food and New Hampshire adventure for a few days or all week long.

2. By participating in this event, have the chef’s become more creative in their menus by the exchange of ideas?

Chef’s love this event. It gives them a reason to get a little creative with their menus for the week and really show the diners what they have up their sleeve. It really is an opportunity for diners to treat their tongue to incredibly delicious food with that extra twist that makes all the difference.

3. What is a celebrity chef?
The celebrity chef’s are chosen because of the great effort and work they do in their restaurants. We have an amazing kick off event that showcases them and their culinary creations. We really try and choose a diverse group of chefs to showcase a variety of styles that the state has to offer.

4. How does one become a celebrity chef?
If you are interested in becoming a celebrity chef next year, please submit your short bio telling us why you are interested, and what you think you can bring to the table.

The requirements for Chef’s that are chosen are selling the commercials, voice over for the radio commercials, and participating in the kick-off event.

Interested Chef’s should email Cindy:

5. Does this help the participating restaurant’s patronage/business?
Many of the participating restaurants and hotels send thank you letters saying how successful the event has been for them. We also receive thank you letters from the tourists and locals who participate. By being a part of the event, restaurants and hotels are leveraging our awareness campaign that includes $100,000 marketing budget.

6. What are the future plans/vision for NH Restaurant Week?
Keep hotels, restaurants, and foodies coming back and interested in it.

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