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National Adopt a Cat Month


There is an official wiggle your toes day. No, we’re not kidding, there is an actual day for this. In fact, there are National “days” for just about anything. In our travels we found National Crabmeat Day, Static Electricity Day and even a National Rubber Duckie Day. Sure it’s silly, but hey, who does it hurt? To be honest, while I wrote this blog I looked down at my toes and wiggled them for solidarity, however the activity won’t be official until August 6th.

The fun doesn’t stop at just days of the week, there are entire months devoted to a cause and June is adopt a cat month. Stonehurst Manor cares about its pet’s and those that come on vacation with its owners and wanted to spread the word. Owning a pet could save your life!

grumpy_catOwning a pet is good for your health.

I already know what you’re thinking – owning a pet is hard work. So are taxes, removing the plastic from new DVD’s and navigating the highways of America – none of those activities bring a smile to your face or spawn Internet meme sensations like a pet.

Studies have shown that owning a pet dramatically reduces stress and pet owners are far less likely to suffer from depression. The most important aspect of owning a pet is the companionship they provide, but pet owners generally get more exercise, have an easier time meeting new people, have added routine and structure to their days and find new meaning and joy in life. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t have a least a chuckle at Grumpy Cat.

Plenty of pets in shelters.

Animal shelters are often filled to capacity with both cats and dogs all looking for forever homes. Conditions in shelters can vary from place to place, but honestly nothing beats the loving caring connection you could provide. Cat’s, unlike dogs, are easier to take care of and are more self sufficient. We encourage you to take a moment and think about your life and consider supporting adopt a cat month and bring home a furry companion.


Here are some local pet shelters with plenty of pictures to help you on your journey.

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