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Moose Sightings in North Conway


Stay at the Stonehurst Manor and spot a Moose! It’s just like spotting a celebrity!  Here in North Conway, it is the season for spotting these popular and prominent figures.  They are mysterious creatures that hold the majesty of New England and Moose sightings in North Conway always bring a sense of joy and accomplishment on any vacation!

Moose season hosts the perfect weather to pull on a light sweatshirt and go for a drive through the Notch.  Start your day by waking into one of Stonehurst’s beautifully decorated rooms and enjoying their homemade breakfast.  After a tour through the historic Mt. Washington Valley and taking in all of its scenery, you can end the day with choosing one of the chef’s own special creations for dinner.  Click on the dining link and check out their menus!

During the spring months there is a 95% guarantee of spotting a Moose, so there will always be a story to bring home and to cherish.  It is perfectly safe and tour guides are great at making the trip to the Moose’s hideaways fun and eventful.  Contact MWV Moose Tours at their website to learn more! Moose sighting isn’t the only activity in the Valley to enjoy either.

Spending any part of your spring in The Valley is so memorable and right now we are offering a spring special of a room for 2 at $126.00 a night including breakfast and dinner.  Right now it is perfect weather and there is always something to do here in the Valley and best of all it is very affordable with Stonehurst’s great deals.  Call us now to make a reservation!

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  1. Jackie

    This is one of the activities we have always wanted to do. We try to look around at the right time of day, but the moose has eluded us.

    Look forward to seeing you on our next trip.

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