Michael’s Top Ten Drinks Infographic!


You all know and love him!  Michael Rego reveals his recipes for the top 10 most favorite Stonehurst drinks so you can make them at home!


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<img src=”http://www.stonehurstmanor.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/diy_mixology.jpg” alt=”Stonehurst Manor’s Top 10 Drinks”></br><a href=”http://www.stonehurstmanor.com/michaels-top-ten-drinks-infographic/”>Stonehurst Manor’s Top 10 Drinks</a>

Stonehurst Manor's Top 10 Drinks


  1. Carole Prefontaine
    Carole Prefontaine09-30-2013

    Great idea to publish the favorite drinks, makes us want to be able to savour next spring.

    Hope to see you in May

    Carole & Louis Prefontaine

  2. Betty and Bob Crawley
    Betty and Bob Crawley10-07-2013

    Way to go Michael…. Love all your specials too. Can wait to return soon.

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