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Meet Michael Rego, Bartender

Michael Rego Stonehurst Bartender

Michael joined the Manor team in August, 2008 as the Dining Room Manager after many years working in various restaurants in Boston. After two years at the Stonehurst, Michael accepted the challenge to become the Bartender, and we are glad that he did!

You can tell that Michael loves working with people. He will go out of his way to do whatever he can to make their visit to the Manor as enjoyable as possible. When guests are visiting for an extended stay, he will remember their favorite drink and be sure to have any special ingredients on hand even if it means a special trip to the market. He also has fun creating a unique cocktail for every wedding couple which is available for service during their reception which is based on their likes and their names. Michael always has time to answer questions and make suggestions whether it is for a special cocktail, wine to pair with their meal, or what to do in the area.

The most popular requests he receives are for the classics … Martinis, Scotch, and Bourbon. The Manor has an extensive offering of spirits which may also be sampled when ordering one of their flights. Michael’s 10 Most Popular Drinks were recently featured in an Infographic that was distributed over the web which created an enormous amount of interest. Michael’s favorite summer drink, the Lumiere which consists of Mandarin Orange Vodka, St. Germaine Elderflower Liquer and Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice, is on the list. Be sure to take a look for the exact recipe!

As you will see from his list of favorites, Michael really enjoys creating new drinks that are more complicated that will give his guests something unique, something they will remember about their visit to the Manor. In addition to relaxing in an upholstered wing-back chair by the fire in the Library Lounge, summer guests may also order drinks to enjoy by the pool, in the gazebo, or on the patio.

When not tending bar at the Stonehurst, Michael can be found in his gardens. He loves gardening and has spent quite a bit of time clearing his land to establish both veggie and flower gardens planted with many items that he has started from seed. If he’s not gardening, you may find him on the hiking trails. He loves Diana’s Bath which is close and beautiful. He’ll often refer area activity questions to the Front Desk for all the details and information about many area activity discounts available to Manor guests.

Be sure to say hello to Michael during your next visit to the Stonehurst Manor.

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