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Learn How NH Maple Syrup Is Made


We love it on our pancakes and French toast. If some happens to drizzle on our bacon or sausage, no problem! We’re talking about maple syrup and right now, things are gearing up for making maple syrup in New Hampshire. The weather will soon be perfect for the trees to be tapped to let the valuable liquid gold flow in steady streams. Those who gather the sap know this season as the sugaring season. Its a season that can begin in late February and go on as long as until early April. It could stop somewhere in between. No one really knows when the season will end.

If you ever wanted to know exactly how maple syrup is made, we are here to help.

Tap The Trees
To begin the process, you need to “tap the trees”. Tapping a tree is when a tube or spout is inserted into the tree to let the sap pour into a bucket below the tap. The sap will pour until the end of what is called a “run”. The sap must be gathered after every “run” to begin the boiling down process. This needs to be done quickly to insure that the sap can be made into the best quality maple syrup possible.

Boil It Down
Boiling down begins with an evaporator. This is a special pan that has flues in it so that the surface area is increased. It also aids in the speeding up the evaporation time. This step is the most critical part of making maple syrup. The sap is boiled to get rid of the water content and the sugar and minerals then get concentrated. This can only be done with heat underneath these flue pans. The color as well as the flavor of the maple syrup will be decided by the sap’s freshness along with the speed of the boiling. Have you ever wondered why real quality maple syrup is expensive? All you need to realize is that to make a single gallon of maple syrup, you need about 40 gallons of sap!

Last year, then,10 year old Kenny Patten was named “The Youngest Maple Syrup Boiler in New Hampshire”. Kenny, who has been boiling maple syrup for a couple of years, opened his first sugar house last spring. He briefly explains the process of making maple syrup in this YouTube video.

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