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Michael's Bartending Course

It’s the Perfect Time to Learn How to Mix Drinks


Michael Rego on Udemy

Are you looking for something new to do? Perhaps you’re not looking for a new job or anything, but learning something new would be cool, right? Well, have you thought about being a bartender? OK, so maybe being a bartender is out of the question, or maybe it’s not, but the good news is you can learn to mix drinks, and best of all, you can learn for free. That’s right. By taking advantage of Stonehurst Manor’s new, free online drink mixing course on UDemy, you can be the life of the party at your next social event. In fact, it will be you who brings life to the party through the amazing drinks that you’ll be able to create.

Becoming a Bartender

Maybe you really do want to become a bartender. If so, there’s no better way to start your career than by learning how to prepare a wide assortment of drinks through a free drink mixing course*. Becoming a bartender is a great career choice to make. In fact, most bartenders make upward of $18,000 a year, and better yet, they also make tips; this often boosts a bartender’s salary significantly.

Making Drinks and Socializing is Fun

When you know how to make drinks, you can rest assured of what goes in them. No more wondering what’s in the drink you’re drinking. And to top things off, when you’re the one making drinks, you’ll get to meet a wide range of people that you would have otherwise probably not met.

Mixing Drinks On the Side

Whether you’ve got a full-time job or not, you can always turn to mixing drinks on the side to earn a little extra cash. There are plenty of bar tending positions that are both full- or part-time, meaning you can take advantage of a shift that works best for you.

Are you ready to learn how to mix drinks? If so, make sure you take advantage of the free drink mixing course being offered on UDemy.

*Although taking this free course will be extremely valuable in helping you learn how to mix drinks, you will have to complete and pass an actual bartending class to get certified.

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