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How to Pack A Suitcase Like A Pro

Remember when gas stations offered free air for your tires? How about when you didn’t have to check out your own groceries when you went shopping? Remember when you didn’t have to pay to bring your luggage with you on an airline?

Gone are the days when you wouldn’t give a second thought to throwing in that extra pair of jammies or your favorite pair of slippers. Today, packing like a pro for your next trip is a matter of space and money. Packing now includes tools like a tape measure and scales. It can be particularly difficult for women; in fact, research shows they pack twice as much clothing as is really needed.

Yes, today’s suitcase packing includes making hard decisions and utilizing some “packing like a pro” tips.

  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase and lighter items on top.
  • Pack small clothing items like underwear or socks inside of shoes to maximize space.
  • Roll as much of your clothing as you can. Lay shirts, blouses and pants on a bed and fold in half the long way. Then from the bottom, roll into cylinders for space saving packing.
  • Fold more delicate and heavier items that are not rollable and pack them last on the top of your luggage.
  • Put liquids in a plastic zipper bag. This should be placed near the center of your luggage to better protect it.
  • There are limits to the size of liquids you can bring on board in your handheld luggage, so if possible, pack liquids in your hold luggage.
  • Before you place any item in your bag, ask yourself “Will I really need this on this trip?” If you hesitate, leave it behind. You can always pick up an extra sweatshirt or pair of jeans at your destination.

If you have excess luggage due to sports equipment, trade show gear or other unavoidable reasons, check with various airlines about their baggage policies. Extra baggage fees can turn the cheapest airfare into the most expensive one, so comparing both fees and ticket prices is critical.

You should spend your hard earned money on having fun while you travel. Spending on scenic NH hotels is much better than paying to fly your luggage around. Check out the infographic below for more traveling tips and details. Do your research, make good decisions, and start packing like a pro!

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Never struggle or pay excess baggage charges for packing with this Infographic

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