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Adirondack Chair at Stonehurst Manor

How To Make An Adirondack Chair

Gorgeous Adirondack Chair

Imagine sitting out on the lawn at the Stonehurst Manor in an Adirondack Chair, gazing out over Mount Washington. The soft breeze and the mild air invite you to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. There are few experiences that are more refreshing than taking the time to experience this type of complete relaxation. No hecticness associated with meetings, no electronics to distract you; just the quiet conversation of the birds in the trees.

The chair you lounge upon has become strongly associated with relaxing summer afternoons, but few people stop to consider the history of the chair or how to make one. Understanding how the chair is made, however, can help increase appreciation for the comfort it offers the next time you sit upon one.

The history of the Adirondack Chair

The chair was first developed around 1903, when Thomas Lee experimented with various chair prototypes and has his family test each of them to determine which one provided the most comfort. After he had designed the perfect chair, he sent the model to a Harry C. Bunnell, a carpenter and shop owner. Bunnell filed for a patent himself on the chair in 1905, but his friend Lee did not seemed particularly concerned. Bunnell continued to make and sell the chairs in his shop for two and a half decades Although small variations of the chair have been developed, the overall style and comfort have remained important identifying factors of the chair.

Palette Adirondack Chair

How to make an Adirondack Chair

Those interested in making their own Adirondack Chair should begin by gathering pallets, which can be found just about anywhere. Keep in mind that these pieces of wood can be difficult to take apart, so saws and chisels might be required to break them down. Look for ones that are at least 48” x 35”. Measure and mark the armrests at about 32” x 5.5”. Measure and mark the bottom backrest rail at 21.5” x 3.5” and the top backrest rail at 22” x 3.5”. Next will come the brackets, crosspieces, and seat slats followed by the fantail. The pieces will then be assembled. Remember safety whenever working with machinery! For a full list of step by step instructions, click here.

Those who are interested in enjoying the comfort of an Adirondack Chair should come visit one of the most popular Mountain View, NH Bed and Breakfasts, Stonehurst Manor. They would love to have you!

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