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The Heat Is Rising in North Conway!


It is getting hotter and hotter here by the day.  We just hosted two 90 degree days last week and we are looking forward to more than a week of weather in the mid 70’s to 80’s.  This means that not only are we busting out our shorts and short-sleeved shirts, but all of our local watering holes will be gearing up to host the many people looking for a refreshing dip.  Although our  waterfalls and rivers are great spots to include on a scenic drive, they may not offer the comfort that a private pool could.

Manager’s Note:   Check out our North Conway lodging specials for this week!

We have opened up our pool, set upon over 30 acres of land overlooking Mt. Washington.  Here at the Stonehurst Manor, we pride ourselves on our beautiful, unique and well kept grounds that set the scene and our jacuzzi keeps things warm and bubbly when the sun is setting and the wind picks up.  Take a look at our grounds to see what we can offer and don’t hesitate to call or make a reservation!

The veranda has plenty of seating for you to enjoy a drink from our legendary dining room or to watch the stars.  We have had a full moon and a harvest moon in the last two days and we are looking forward to what other treats the sky will give us. The nights are so clear and the days are full of bright blue sky with not a cloud in sight. Just take a look at a photo I took just the other day of our perfect blue sky!

Our pool is the perfect way to relax amongst nature and enjoy the beauty of what Mt. Washington Valley has to offer! We can’t wait to share the warm weather with you!

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