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Happiest Wedding Couple


Lauren and Bryan Randolph


Bryan and I met our freshman year of college. We dated for 8 1/2 years before finally tying the knot at Stonehurst on September 1st, 2012! We became friends through our shared love of hiking and the outdoors. Over the years, this has made our relationship stronger and there is nothing better than marrying not only your best friend, but also someone who appreciates the joy of summiting Mt. Washington or spending a week in the woods.
After getting engaged, we knew we wanted to find a venue that would help us share our love of the white mountains. On our way back from visiting a few (somewhat disappointing) other potential venues in North Conway, we happened to pass the beautiful Manor, and felt compelled to pull over and stop there. We fell in love immediately with your Mansion on the Hill. Everything from the beautiful mountain view and the life-sized chess set to the Manor’s pet friendliness drew us in (Cody, our Golden Retriever, was present with us at the reception). Thinking we could not afford such an amazing place, we casually looked up prices on your website, and were overjoyed to find the rates reasonable but also that we could get the Pizza Buffet (this was a huge plus considering Bryan loves pizza almost more than hiking). Shortly after our first meeting, we came back to meet with you, Peter, and learned about the Manor’s history. We fell in love with it all over again and knew that this was the place for us.


In keeping with our “outdoorsy” personalities, Bryan’s groomsman gifts were personalized leathermans for all of his groomsmen. He presented these to his groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner (also held at Stonehurst Manor) the night before the wedding. It was a good thing he did!
The next day at the ceremony (held at a local church), just as my wedding march began, the “runner” was supposed to be rolled out for me to walk down the aisle. This proved more difficult than promised at the rehearsal, and it somehow managed to get stuck after being rolled only about half a foot. After a few minutes of struggling, one of our groomsman came to the rescue! Out of his pocket emerged the leatherman, and he had the rope cut in about 5 seconds! Moral of the Story (in both hiking and weddingplanning): Always be Prepared with a good knife!
Our favorite part of the wedding was peeling out of the church and arriving at Stonehurst in my late father’s classic 1964 Pontiac GTO. Although my father couldn’t attend the ceremony, I felt he was there in spirit and looking down from above with a big smile on his face knowing that our first ride as a married couple was in his favorite car!
We would recommend Stonehurst to any couple looking for a truly unique, beautiful, and memorable place to start their lives together. The service was impeccable, the food was DELICIOUS, and every one of our 115 guests had great things to say about their entire “Stonehurst experience”. The entire staff seemed to genuinely care about us and worked hard to ensure that our “Big Day” was indeed the best day of our lives. Heidi, in particular, was phenomenal; her attention to detail helped us to relax and enjoy the day!
Finally, we can’t wait to come back to the Manor (hopefully many times) in the future!


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