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Great Places to Go Riding in New Hampshire


Biker in Austrian mountainsThere’s never been a better time of year to jump on your Harley and ride off into the sunset. Even if you don’t own a Harley, going for a motorcycle ride is still a wonderful adventure.

Have you ever been riding in New Hampshire? If not, you’re definitely missing out on some of the best riding scenery here in the United States. It’s here in the great state of New Hampshire that you’ll find spectacular views of mountains, lovely beach scenery and so much more. So, let’s get right to it and take a quick look at some of the best trails to cruise down in New Hampshire as well as few safety tips that you need to make sure you always follow.

Back Road Loop

Looking for a loop to go riding on? If so, RT 100 provides just the trail that you’ve been looking for. Get ready for rolling hills and lots of straight stretches. This excellent back road loop starts at the junction of RT 9 found in Hillsboro and will take you for the ride of your lifetime.

Route 123

If farmland and peacefulness is what you’re looking for, then you definitely need to take a ride down Route 123. Featuring mountain views that are to die for and lakes that will call your name to go for a quick swim, Route 123 has bike-riding fun written all over it.

Safety Precautions that Should Always Be Followed

motorcycle_helmetNow that you know two of the best trails to ride on in New Hampshire, you need to take special note of safety precautions that should always be followed when riding or driving a motorcycle.

First of all, even though it’s greatly emphasized to vehicle drivers to always be on the lookout for motorcycle drivers, you know that most drivers aren’t as careful as they should be. Because of this, you should always be extra cautious when making a turn or crossing through an intersection.

Most importantly, you should always wear a helmet. In fact, the only reason you have for not wearing a helmet is pure stupidity. You never know when an accident can happen, and just as a car driver should always wear his or her seatbelt, as the driver of a motorcycle, you should always wear a helmet. You should also make sure that any passenger is wearing a helmet.

The Take Away

There you have it. When in New Hampshire, make sure to check out the trails talked about above, and most importantly, make sure you follow the safety tips discussed. And always remember, Bikers are Welcome at Stonehurst Manor.

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