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Get Connected By Disconnecting at Stonehurst Manor


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In today’s age and time, we’re always looking down. Whether it be looking at a smartphone, a laptop, an iPad or whatever, both children and adults tend to look down more than up. For some reason, we’ve fallen victim to the false belief of thinking “if you stay connected to your devices, you stay connected with other humans.” This is untrue.

Anyone born in the ’80s or before can easily testify that life is much different than it used to be in terms of getting out and enjoying the world. At one time, children used to build forts and spend all day outside. Nowadays, children tend to waste away their days sitting behind a computer or tablet, never understanding all the true-fun that mother nature has to offer.

This leaves us with the question of what can we do to rejuvenate ourselves and our families?  One simple, yet truly effective way to do this is by going on a vacation together. And while it’s OK to bring along the phones and laptops, these devices should be turned off unless absolutely needed. The pings and dings that constantly alert us of a new message or missed phone call can ruin the purpose of going on vacation.

We need to realize that staying connected with the world and with one another is not going to happen via an electronic device. It’s going to happen when we spend quality time with one another. It happens when we disconnect ourselves from our devices.

Woman thinking about familyDo you understand the importance of truly connecting with your family and loved ones? If so, go on a vacation. And there’s no better place to disconnect from the world and spend quality time with your family than the one-and-only Stonehurst Manor located in New Hampshire. This lovely manor is definitely not your average vacation getaway spot. It sets atop 33 rolling acres and offers a vacation experience that is like none other. Boasting 26 guest rooms, fireplaces, Jacuzzis and more, Stonehurst Manor is the perfect place to bring your family.

In addition to reconnecting with your family, there are three excellent reasons to put down your iPhone and go on vacation. First of all, disconnecting yourself will be good for your health. Secondly, you’ll get to leave the hectic schedule of having to meet tight deadlines for work behind for a few days. And lastly, not only will you reconnect with your family, but you’ll also reconnect with mother nature herself.

It’s time to get away from the distractions that smartphones and computers bring into your life. It’s time to reconnect by disconnecting. Stonehurst offers activities for each member of your family, including fly fishing, golfing, shopping and lots more. All you need to do is hop on your smartphone or computer one last time to book a reservation.

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