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Don’t Leave Fido in a Kennel, Vacation Together


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Imagine if everyone in your household got to pack and prepare for a two week vacation at a new place far away, but when it came time to go you were instead driven to a boarding house with a basic bed and room and left there for the whole time. And you didn’t even get told why everyone disappeared. That’s how it is for pets when their owners leave for a trip.

Our dogs and cats are very attached to us after spending months and years with us as part of their "pack." So it can be very emotionally disturbing for an animal to suddenly be placed in an unknown location with lots of sounds, smells and sights that are unfamiliar. Worse, there is no one available that is family. It produces a high anxiety level in pets.

The alternative is to leave them at home, but that just means either someone has to come over and feed them and care for them, or they make a big mess inside a locked house.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative for some trips, and that involves traveling with pets. There is a network of hotels and lodging places that are pet friendly across the country. With a bit of preparation, a traveler or family on a vacation can bring their favorite furry friend along without issue. The family stays together, and the pet doesn’t go through shock and anxiety.

Doing so, a couple of things should be kept in mind:

  • Always bring familiar toys and a simple pet bed or familiar blanket if possible. It gives the animal a sense of home in a new place.
  • Bring disposable absorbent puppy pads for pet messes. Pets are more likely to go to the bathroom indoors in foreign places due to anxiety.
  • Bring small cans of food and snacks. Food calms a pet and gets their attention.
  • Always have a source of water available or ready with a small bowl. Pets dehydrate quickly when nervous.
  • Small pets should be moved in a carrier. This stops them from panicking and running away in a crowd or in transit.
  • Make sure a leash is on the pet when traveling and it will stay on. Panicking pets can wiggle out of a basic leash quickly.
  • Plan on stops during long drives. Pets need bathroom breaks too.

When traveling in the Northeast states, consider a stay at Stonehurst Manor, which provides North Conway, NH pet friendly rooms for travelers and their friends. Among a network of pet-friendly hotels, Stonehurst sits in a prime location of New Hampshire for those who want to explore and see the region along with their pet.


  1. Jean Bisnett
    Jean Bisnett05-28-2014

    What is the charge for bringing your pet to Stonehurst Manor?

    • Kurt Milligan
      Kurt Milligan05-31-2014

      The charge is $25 per dog per night

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