DIY Chef Secrets For Extraordinary Cooking


Chef Avi Deiter of Stonehurst Manor provides 5 secrets that will take your meal to the next level. Check out these beginner tips to make your ordinary cooking extraordinary.

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5 Chef Secrets - A Beginner's Guide to Extraordinary Cooking


  1. Parisa

    Why only use an inch of water for potatoes? This is new to me and I’m interested as to the reason. I know we can often do things continually wrong out of habit and tradition and I like to learn newer better methods whenever I can.
    Thank you

    • Chef Avi
      Chef Avi10-11-2013

      Hi Parisa,

      You want to cover the potatoes with one inch of water…this allows for any evaporation that may occur as well as ensure that the excess starch can be discarded… I f you only used one inch, you might burn your potatoes if not covered. I apologize that my infographic is a little misleading by the picture. CHEF AVI

      PS Feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have. My staff and I love to share!! Thanks again for your great question.

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  4. Amber

    I’m a vegetarian trying to help my carnivorous spouse cook better, despite never having worked with meat myself.

    For the chicken satay, you marinate the presumably raw chicken in the marinade, then use the leftover marinade for the peanut glaze. This marinade has been in direct contact with raw chicken — so the boiling in step 8 makes it safe to eat again? Thanks!

    • Stonehurst Manor
      Stonehurst Manor12-10-2013

      Absolutely…that it must come to a boil, to ensure that it has thoroughly surpassed the 165deg F mark, which ensures any microbial growth is terminated. Salmonella, the major culprit, cannot live past this temp, but at 212, we are extra sure there is no chance, especially if you are not using a thermometer.

      Chef Avi

  5. Chef Avi
    Chef Avi01-13-2014

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  6. Rike

    That mash sounds mouthwatering… and so does the porcini crust. Can’t wait to try them both, thanks so much for sharing!

    • Stonehurst Manor
      Stonehurst Manor03-18-2014

      Glad you enjoy them! You may also enjoy the New England Clam Chowder and Baked Stuffed Lobster recipes.

  7. Joey

    I suggest that the potatoes should be entirely submerged in water with at least one inch of extra water. To my knowledge, this is how the potatoes will properly boil and the starches will break down.

    Truly yours,


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