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Wedding Dress Fitting

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Shape


Planning a wedding is exciting, challenging and full of choices. Picking out the right wedding dress is one of the most important decisions for a bride. Even finding a unique wedding venue does not hold the same significance as finding a dress that is beautiful, timeless and perfect for the big day. Before getting married in NH or looking for NH hotels for your guests, take the time to look for the perfect wedding dress based on your body type.

Identify Your Shape

Dress Fitting MannequinThe best dress for any woman will vary based on her body type and the shape that she is accentuating. Before you try on or purchase a wedding dress, take a few minutes to identify the shape of your body.

Most women fall into one of five categories: triangle shape, pear shape, hourglass shape, rectangle shape or apple shape. The rectangle shape is sometimes called a boyish figure or a boy shape due to the straight silhouette or lines of the body.

A triangle shape means that the upper proportions of the body are larger than the bottom. The bust is large and the waist is small. A pear shape is the opposite: the bust is small and the hips are large. An hourglass shape is perfectly proportionate between the top and bottom with a very small waist. The apple shape is very curvy, but less proportionate than the hourglass shape.

The A-Line Dress

An a-line dress is appropriate for most body types. It looks amazing on a triangle shape, a pear shape or an apple shape. Although it will look great on most women, it may not be the best choice for a woman with an hourglass shape because it is not as fitted at the waist. A woman with a rectangle shape may also feel that other dresses look better.

Empire Waist

A dress with an empire waist can accentuate curves, which is ideal for a woman with an apple shape or with a rectangle shape. Women who have a triangle or pear shape may not feel that it makes the shape too defined.

Mermaid and Sheath Dresses

A mermaid, sheath or fitted gown is ideal for an hourglass figure because it hugs tightly to natural curves. It is not the best choice for a woman with a rectangular shape, since it does not create curves or give the illusion of curves.

Finding the right dress for a wedding can seem complicated, but it begins by identifying your body type and narrowing down the choices based on the best lines for your shape. If you are in doubt, then an a-line dress is a good choice for most brides.

The Perfect Silouette for Your Shape

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