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Chef Avi Deiter

Executive Chef, Avi S. Deiter

Avi joined the Manor team as Executive Chef late in November, 2012. He earned a bachelor of science degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. After graduation, he worked at the historic Hotel Viking in Newport before moving to the White Mountains to work in a hotel kitchen. He then moved on and for the past eight years has worked in management focusing on staff and operations.

He missed being in a kitchen and discovered he really enjoyed historic properties. An opening at the Manor was just what he was looking for. Besides the unique characteristics that are part of an historic property, he found the Manor team to consist of loyal and happy long-time employees. He is glad to be cooking again, and hopes he can be a mentor to others in the kitchen to help them grow and find their culinary niche as well.

After working with the Manor menu for a few months, a new spring menu was launched in April which is moving towards more of an Italian influence. Not just traditional Italian entrees, but use of Italian ingredients and continuing Manor-made fresh pasta. He is particularly excited about the ravioli of the week item which allows everyone in the kitchen a chance to try something new and different in creating both the filling and the sauce to top them.

When asked to choose his favorite food, after some thought replied that he didn’t have one. His favorites are foods that are enhanced in the preparation and not hidden. He did confess that his favorite entrée on the current menu is the Espresso crusted sirloin topped with crispy leeks. He loves the flavor coffee brings to steak, and enjoys watching skeptics agree once they have given it a try. His favorite kitchen gadget is the immersion blender. Avi finds this is easier to use to blend soups and sauces than the blender or food processor, particularly for large batches.

When not at work, Avi lives on a farm with his wife and nine year old daughter. Much of his time is devoted to showing her the value and rewards of hard work which begins with daily chores on their farm gardening and tending to their animals. He loves anything outdoors but gets more enjoyment from living history attractions and activities. The Remick Museum is a favorite.

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