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Breakfasts Around the World


While most Americans would be delighted to wake up to a cup of coffee, a stack of pancakes and maybe some eggs and bacon for breakfast, others across the globe have their own ideas of the perfect morning meal. In England, for example they also enjoy starting the day with eggs and bacon, but rather than pancakes, the english opt for grilled tomatoes and sausages on the side. Sausages can also be found on the morning table in Russia, where it frequently joins rye bread and a bowl of porridge. Germans also say Guten Morgen with sausage but they tend to pair it with bread rolls and hard boiled eggs.

Several countries forgo a big breakfast in the morning, preferring instead, to start the day with simply fruit and bread. Such is the custom in Brazil where local fresh fruit and bread is accompanied by ham and in Kenya where flatbread and fruit are joined by uji, a porridge made from a variety of different flours. In other nations, such as italy and Iran, fruit comes in the form of jam and joins bread with butter as a great way to begin the day. Moroccans enjoy a similar breakfast, although in Morocco the bread is frequently substituted with crepes that are served with the butter and jam and then drizzled with olive oil.

Many countries favor morning meals that consist of foods that Americans would never consider for breakfast. Rice, for example is commonly eaten for breakfast in Nepal, occasionally accompanying porridge. It also is part of the first meal of the day in Japan, frequently served alongside miso soup and pickled vegetables. Interestingly, Japan is not the only country whose citizens enjoy soup for breakfast. People waking up in Vietnam also enjoy a local noodle soup called pho in the mornings and those having breakfast in Malaysia dine on a bowl of mee, noodles with egg and spices, sometimes in a broth.

Stonehurst Manor – Breakfast Included in Reservation!

No matter what you find on your plate in the morning, sitting down to breakfast is a healthful and relaxing way to start your day. Fortunately for those staying at the Stonehurst Manor in North Conway, New Hampshire, a full breakfast and stunning scenic views are included in the price of your stay so you’ll be sure to hear Good Morning! and Bon Appetite!

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