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Best NH Wedding Reception Sites


Finding the best place to hold a wedding reception can seem challenging, but there are options in New Hampshire that will provide the ambiance that a bride and groom want with the romance that is inherent to a wedding. Selecting the best site for a reception will depend on personal preferences, but have a few options in mind can make the process easier.


Stonehurst Manor

Stonehurst Manor provides a serene location for a wedding that will invite guests to enjoy a magical evening. The perfect North Conway Wedding Reception offers a mountain retreat that is surrounded by nature. Combined with the beautiful natural surroundings, the destination offers high-quality services and excellent accommodations.

Link: Stonehurst Manor

The Red Barn

Close to NH in South Berwick, Maine, The Red Barn at Outlook Farm is a fun place for a wedding that will leave behind a memory of a country setting. The wedding gazebo offers a romantic aspect that is surrounded by green grass and a beautiful golf course. Enjoy a wedding reception in an outdoor setting or take the reception indoors to avoid any annoying weather conditions.

Link: The Red Barn at Outlook Farm

Flag Hill Winery

Make a wedding reception memorable by offering some of the best wine and an exciting experience that will create memories for a lifetime. Flag Hill Winery offers a romantic aspect to the event by providing something unique and serene that is part of the winery experience.

Encourage guests to try something new and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the winery during a reception event.

Link: Flag Hill Winery

Brookstone Park

For a wedding reception that offers more than just the reception, consider Brookstone Park. The venue provides the opportunity to make the most of the beautiful surroundings and location without giving up fun activities. The golf course is ideal for a destination wedding that will invite guests to stay for an extended period of time or that will allow guests to explore the area.

Link: Brookstone Park

The Granite Rose

Elegant weddings can be exciting and may offer an element of romance that is only possible in an elegant setting. The Granite Rose is a good choice when a wedding reception must consider a high level of formality that is required for the event. The venue provides a romantic and high-class setting that is perfect for more formal weddings. Create beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime in a venue that is formal.

Link: The Granite Rose

There are a variety of styles and preferences when it relates to the wedding and the reception. Selecting the right site for the wedding reception can require some consideration for the type of wedding and the feel that is important for the reception. By considering the formality of the event, personal preferences for the duration of the reception and the details related to a personal budget, it is possible to pick out the best location for a dream wedding that will leave a bride and groom with memories that last a lifetime.

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