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Autumn Attire in the White Mountains


Foliage_Water   Leaves

Every year from late September through October, the White Mountains go into their “fashion mode”and decide to deck themselves out in their gaudiest finery for all to see. And, what a show! From every vantage point, whether driving, hiking or biking, you’ll see LOTS of color… the reds, oranges, yellows and russets of maples, birches, oaks and sumac set against the dark greens of tall, stately pines. On clear days, when the sky is impossibly blue, this panorama of vibrant color just shimmers before your eyes. You can’t help but be totally amazed by this earthly miracle. Forget all the scientific explanations… it’s just plain GORGEOUS!

As for YOUR attire in the autumnal season, any fashion choice of sweaters, fleece vests and waterproof jackets are in order even if the temperatures are warm during the day. It’s New England after all and you never know when the weather is going to change! Packing for all contingencies is especially important if you’re hking or biking in the hills. Above certain elevations or even on Main Street, there’s always a possibility of snow or icy rain at a moment’s notice. So, be a good scout and come prepared!

Weather forecasts for the North Conway area can be found at Type in The Manor’s zip code — 03860 — and hit GO. Voila! A detailed run-down of what to expect weather-wise while visiting Mt. Washington Valley and Stonehurst Manor! No guarantees but…

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  1. jennifer

    Just wanted to let you know that I love this new addition to the site. Your blog is so informative. We are coming for a visit next week and this help us to prepare.

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