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Activities in North Conway


With the impending holiday weekend coming up it is time for all of you hard workers to get your vacation mindset in gear.  We are all decked out in our red, white and blue here at the Stonehurst Manor and we are ready to have a good time.  Celebration is the buzz word around the Mount Washington Valley with fireworks, parades, swimming holes and craft fairs and we have accommodations to match!  Book now to experience all the fun!

Spend your long weekend lounging in our twin, queen or king beds and start your day off right with any light or filling choice off of our breakfast menu.  And of course don’t forget our drink and dinner menu too!  It looks like a promising weekend with the weather, which means you can go straight from your dining room table to any of our local swimming holes or water falls and splash around or explore the unbeaten path with any of our mountain trails.  A leisurely day of shopping wouldn’t be so bad either nor would a day running around at Story Land.  There are so many activities in North Conway going on this holiday weekend and we  are in the center of them all!

Craft fairs are lining the White Mountain Highway for the fourth of July and they are full of unique artisans.  Find items that will have all of your friends at home wishing they could buy their own pair of earrings or have the same original artwork as you.  The fireworks begin at dusk in the center of the village in Schouler park, but be sure to get there early because our whole community rallies around this show!  Come be a part of our neighborhood by standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the Valley’s finest and enjoying the extravaganza!  Then fall back into our comfortable beds and start your day all over again!

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