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A Sweet Tour of North Conway, NH


Most known for its picturesque landscapes, fairytale vistas, and majestic mountaintops, North Conway, New Hampshire is the site for tourists looking either for peace or adventure. One of the town’s most well-kept secrets, however, hides not in the forest, but in the domain of local businesses.

Wander about the streets and you’ll find that the town is also New Hampshire’s sweet-tooth paradise. Brace for a sugar high and check out North Conway’s delicious destinations of sugary splendor.

Old Village Bakery

For those seeking a bakery that matches the classic, hospitable atmosphere of North Conway, look no further than the Old Village Bakery on Seavey Street.

A true “Mom and Pop” store (bonus trivia: the “Pop” worked in Antarctica as a meteorologist), this family-run hole-in-the-wall takes pride in both its goods and services. The Old Village bakes a myriad of delicious goodies, but is most known for its bread products. These include crisp croissaints, savory spanakopita, and fresh foccacia.

To get cozy with warm food with an even warmer charm, check out the Old Village Bakery.

McKaella’s Sweet Shop

Famous for sweets with styles and pastries with panache, McKaella’s Sweet Shop lives both on Kersarge Street and on the culinary cutting edge.

The store, based out of a quaint, periwinkle Victorian building, takes classic concepts and gives them a unique twist. Cake flavors include Vanilla Confetti and Rainbow Cake. Ice cream flavors include the standards, Vanilla and Chocolate, and the not-so-standards, Strawberry Fireworks (made with Pop Rocks) and Maple-Bacon. Popsicle flavors range from Chocolate Pudding to Blue Hawaii (pineapple juice with coconut and orange).

For the less adventurous, McKaella’s Sweet Shop also offers critically-acclaimed cake pops, cookies, cinnamon rolls, granola, hot chocolate, and coffee.

The White Mountain Cupcakery

Scale mountains of a more diminutive disposition with the gourmet cupcakes of The White Mountain Cupcakery.

Begin your ascent of the Green Mint Mountain (chocolate cake, mint buttercream frosting, Junior Mint) by keeping an eye out for Sno Caps (chocolate cake, buttercream frosting) and Chocolate Avalanches (chocolate cake, chocolate butterscream frosting, semisweet chocolate drizzle)!

Once you reach the mountain’s peak, enjoy the Sunshine (yellow cake, buttercream frosting, yellow sprinkles) and break out in a Snowball (coconut cake, coconut frosting, coconut sprinkles) fight. After such a delicious adventure, no one will call you a Plain Jane (yellow cake, chocolate frosting) again.

Friends back home don’t need to know that your mountain climbing was more delicious than dangerous.

The Stonehurst Manor

If you are looking for something unique and delicious, stop by the Stonehurst Manor for Chef Avi’s sweet and savory creations.

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