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A Handful of Reasons to Visit the White Mountains This Weekend


Sitting over most of the northern half of New Hampshire, the White Mountains offer a couple and visitors plenty of outdoor activities as well as some getaway places to enjoy each other’s company. The range spreads from the western part of the state to the northeast, so it covers a wide area, with plenty of locations and things to do in New Hampshire.

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Outdoor Scenes

Just for starters, anybody visiting the area for the first time should take advantage of visiting the Basin, a naturally carved out cavity or bowl 20 feet across that is smoothed out by a running waterfall and river flow. There are plenty of hiking trails all over the range, and there is also the Flume Gorge to take a look at in Franconia Notch State Park. For those who want to see elevated views of the region, there is the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway to ride. Alternatively, the Conway Scenic Railroad offers those who want to be more grounded a down-to-earth view of the area and its scenes as well. Mt. Washington Auto Road also offers a scenic way to see the area in the comfort of one’s car, which can allow far more privacy and convenience for a couple than going with a tour group or specific path for tourists.

Other Ideas

For visitors who aren’t so big on hiking or going off the asphalt trail, the White Mountains still have plenty to do. Most of the towns and villages have unique antique dealers and auction sales which carry amazing inventory from decades before. Everything from mounted moose heads, to old cars, to exquisite Northeast furniture can be found.

Theater and drama have also made the White Mountains home, with a number of locations putting on shows and stage entertainment regularly. Most of the plays run from June to September, with the warmer months making it far more comfortable to visit and enjoy an evening show.

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Places to Eat and Relax

Most of the valleys in the White Mountain region have towns with a main street, and just about every one of them has a list of restaurants and shops to visit. For the sidewalk inclined there is no shortage of venues to visit that provide good food, good drink, and plenty of local goods and craft to appeal to the shopper’s eye.


There’s nothing more romantic than a weekend getaway in the area, and the White Mountains region offers couples plenty of places to stay for the weekend or a few days to themselves. NH date ideas can include stays at hotels, lodges, inns, bed & breakfasts, and resorts. If looking for a hotel North Conway location, one place to consider is the Stonehurst Manor. The Manor offers an old style lodging tucked away in the forest with a scenic surrounding. The elegant facility will definitely catch a person’s eye when driving up, and it offers a memorable place to stay for couple looking for a quiet, private location for a vacation.

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