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7 Rules for Stress-Free Holiday Travel


You work hard, and you deserve a real vacation. However, you must learn how to appreciate your time away from home. You can keep anxiety to a minimum, even when visiting family members you only see occasionally with these seven simple tips:

1. Research destination and accommodations carefully.

This will prevent you from ending up at a seedy couple’s lounge when you would prefer four star vacation rental property like Stonehurst Manor here in New Hampshire. It also ensures that the attractions you want to visit are not too far away from where you sleep. Researching in advance will also help you avoid additional financial surprises. Pay particular attention to what travel agencies really do offer in their professed “all-inclusive” packages.

2. Plan your schedule ahead of time.

You can leave yourself some leeway for spontaneity, but at least make a general itinerary. When you have a tentative schedule, it stops you from wandering aimlessly for hours. It also ensures you find activities that please all people in your group.

More importantly, stay organized with lists and reminders. Then, double-check that you have all important items before you leave. Furthermore, make sure you print out all your tickets and check in your luggage before departure.

3. Keep yourself calm throughout the process.

Get plenty of sleep the night before, and take along some simple homemade relaxation remedies. For instance, you can put lavender on your travel pillow. Some Rescue Remedy or lemon balm might also keep jitters to a minimum

4. Lay off the caffeine.

As tempting as it sounds to feel the temporary euphoria that highly-caffeinated beverages can give, resist the urge. Too much of this substance can put you more on edge, not less. If you must have a little to wake up, only allow yourself one or two cups. Then, abstain for the rest of the day.

5. Aim to eat healthy.

A healthy diet will help you combat stress, especially if your meals contain plenty of fruits and vegetables. Protein from lean meats can also help you feel less anxious. Moreover, electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium or magnesium can keep your body energized. Of course, you do also need a moderate amount of carbohydrates and dairy to keep up your stamina.

6. Boost your immune system.

You will encounter plenty of germs while traveling. However, you can fight against them with foods that contain vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E and selenium. The right multi-vitamin supplement may also help. However, you also may want to stop consuming excess sugar, salt and fat because foods heavy of these substances can weigh you down. However, a few rich snacks will not hurt you, so indulge in one or two.

7. Don’t overbook yourself.

It will feel more like work than fun if you plan so many activities on your trip that you don’t feel relaxed at all. Give yourself time to sit down on your trip, or take a nap once in a while. Don’t make your vacation “to do” list so long that you miss out on the experience of a lifetime.

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