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5 Tips to Making the Perfect Holiday Martini


We look forward to seeing you in the Martini Lounge at the Stonehurst Manor. But until then, you can learn from us how to make your own perfect holiday martini.

1. The perfect martini begins with the finest ingredients. There is a wide and sometimes confusing playing field of fine gin, vodka and vermouth. Our experts at the Stonehurst Manor recommend tasting several to determine your favorites. Many brands offer miniature sizes so you don’t have to invest large sums of money to sample the different varieties. This will greatly narrow down the possibilities so you can find that special brand that will make your perfect holiday martini.


2. The glassware in which you serve your martini can make a memorable impression. For the perfect holiday martini, choose a design that matches with the occasion at which you’re serving them. Before serving, hold your stemware up to the light to check for water spots, lipstick stains or nicks around the rim. The staff at the Stonehurst Manor also polish our glassware with lint-free cloths to make them sparkle.

3. Mixology is a specialized field in which all of our bartenders at the Stonehurst Manor are expert. The ideal ratio of the components of a drink is an integral part of the final result. For your perfect holiday martini, begin with measuring five parts gin to one part dry vermouth. Some people prefer what is called a dry martini, which, contrary to intuition, means less vermouth. Experiment with the amount of vermouth that you and your guests enjoy.


4. Follow the example of our bar staff at the Stonehurst Manor to ensure your martini is nicely chilled. Pour the ingredients into a stainless steel shaker with fresh ice. Shake vigorously for several seconds. Pour through the strainer into a martini glass. A martini on the rocks would be poured directly into a rocks glass and then stirred with a swizzle stick. Just remember that James Bond would not approve of this method.


5. Don’t forget the finishing touch on your perfect holiday martini. Using a toothpick adorned with decorative cellophane, pierce a jumbo ripe green olive and place inside your martini glass. Alternatively, opt for a lemon twist garnish. A hint of lemon will flavor each sip.

Finally, try these martini ingredients for your own twist on the classic concoction. Follow master instructions above for shaking and pouring.

  • Appletini – mix equal parts gin and apple schnapps. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.
  • Pomtini – mix equal parts vodka and pomegranate liqueur. Finish with a splash of club soda. (Hint: if you can’t find pomegranate liqueur, substitute pomegrantate juice from your grocery store.)
  • Chocolatini – mix equal parts vodka, Baileys Irish Creme and creme de menthe. Lightly sprinkle shaved dark chocolate on top.


If you follow this expert advice from our barstaff at the Stonehurst Manor you will be guaranteed to serve up the perfect holiday martini. Happy holidays from our home to yours!

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