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5 Romantic Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend or Wife


What was the last time you showed your girlfriend or wife a little romance? There’s no better way to show her that you love her, especially on her birthday, your anniversary or for no reason at all. Plan one of these five romantic gift ideas today.

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1. Walk Down Memory Lane

You might not remember all the details of your first or fiftieth date, but she probably does. Revisit a handful of those special locations as you take your sweetheart on a walk down memory lane. As you revisit the site of your first date or your favorite dive bar, she’s going to love the romantic way you remember special events in your relationship.

2. Cook her Favorite Meal

Whether she’s a big breakfast fan or can’t get enough burritos, treat her to her favorite meal. Throw in a little candlelight and first-class service, too. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort.

3. Create a Coupon Book

Washing her car, wiping off the bathroom counters or letting her pick the movie might not scream romance to you, but your significant other will adore you. Offer to do these and other meaningful actions as you serve and love your significant other.

4. Plan a Different Date Every Month

Besides the traditional dinner and a movie, what does your she enjoy doing? Surprise her by planning a different date each month. You’ll want to let her know the date and what she should wear at the beginning of the month, and then prepare to enjoy sharing 12 unique, meaningful and romantic experiences.

5. Get Away for a Romantic Weekend

There’s no better way to reconnect than by escaping the daily grind and pampering your beloved. So, spend a weekend or longer in a luxurious hotel, quaint bed and breakfast or boutique hotel. You’ll enjoy focusing only on each other, and she’ll be grateful that you took initiative to whisk her away.

Are you ready to infuse your relationship with a little romance? Plan one of these five activities and treat your girlfriend or wife to a romantic gift. She’s going to love it as much as she loves you. Book your room at the Stonehurst Manor today – call for the best rates (800) 525-9100

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