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5 Best NH Wedding Cake Bakeries


The wedding cake is an important part of planning the perfect wedding and reception. It is important to work with the best bakeries in the local area and plan in advance so that the cake is ready by the time the wedding occurs. When it comes to White Mountain weddings, there are local bakeries that create beautiful wedding cakes.

Gilford Gourmet

A wedding requires a stunning wedding cake that is perfect for the guests and the event. Gilford Gourmet is a bakery that specializes in special events, including weddings, so it is possible to select a wedding cake that is small, large or even extra-large for the reception and wedding. The number of guests at the wedding can impact the cake that is most appropriate. Gilford Gourmet offers the expert advice to ensure that the wedding reception is as perfect as possible.


Vintage Baking Co.

For an old-fashioned wedding cake that has an excellent flavor, Vintage Baking Co. may be an excellent choice.

The location of the bakery is convenient for any wedding that is taking place in White Mountain and the bakery has a professional and friendly staff.

Link: Vintage Baking Co.

White Mountain Cupcakery

A specialized bakery often provides excellent choices for a wedding, and that is exactly what the White Mountain Cupcakery offers.

The bakery specializes in cakes, cupcakes and similar sweet treats that are perfect for a wedding reception and creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Enjoy a beautiful cake that is appropriate for an indoor or an outdoor wedding.


The Old Village Bakery

Enjoy high-quality service and excellent professionalism at the Old Village Bakery. Although the bakery offers a variety of baked goods, the professional service and the friendly atmosphere makes it a good choice for any bride and groom who may be feeling worried about the upcoming event. The old-fashioned atmosphere combines with friendly service for an excellent experience before the wedding reception.


McKaella’s Sweet Shop

The bakery’s catchphrase, “Eat Cake First” is the definition that makes the bakery a good choice for a wedding. As a bakery that specializes in cakes and sweets, it offers excellent services and interesting choices for the wedding cake.

Select a cake that is perfect for the bride and groom’s personal preferences or pick out a general cake that most of the guests will enjoy. Explain about the number of guests and leave the rest to the professionals.


Selecting the bakery for the wedding cake is an important decision, but there are excellent choices available in White Mountain. Are you looking for a wedding venue as well as an excellent bakery for the wedding? Plan a stop at Stonehurst Manor for a tour and consider the venue while you are looking for the best bakery. Stonehurst Manor is conveniently located and the grounds offer a beautiful setting for a romantic wedding.

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