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32 Do-It-Yourself Creative Wedding Favors


Somewhere between interviewing photographers and sampling cake you remember you still need wedding favors for your guests to take home. You’ve got two options. First, you could plop down a chunk of your wedding budget on prepackaged doodads, like overly scented candles or flimsy cookie cutters. But, let’s be honest, those will just get left on the tables, abandoned in the back seat of cars or shoved into junk drawers. On the other hand, you could create a little something special that reflects your personality and the feel of your wedding. Be it a sweet treat, a fun keepsake or a new twist on packaging, wedding guests will love a DIY favor. Don’t worry that you need to be the next Martha Stewart to pull off a cute favor ideas. There are plenty of simple favors that don’t require a PhD in crafts.

Saying, “I do” might be the highlight of the day for you, but some guests are just in it for the cake. Let them continue the festivities by sending them home with a stack of fresh-baked cookies in the same flavor as the wedding cake packaged in cute boxes.

MacaronsYou’ll spend hours putting together the perfect playlist for the reception, so you might as well get a bit more mileage it of it. A custom CD, complete with a personalized label, will remind guests how much fun they had rocking the night away on the dance floor.

For a favor that does double duty as a centerpiece, plant succulents in small pots. Not only is this idea budget-friendly, since it lets you sneak the favors into your décor budget, succulents need little care, so your won’t need a green thumb to keep them alive until the big day.

Waking up the morning after a great wedding is always requires a pick-me-up. Send guests home with a dose of caffeine in the form of tiny jars of your favorite coffee beans.

For couples that like to spice things up in the kitchen, custom spice blends are the perfect DIY favor. Vanilla sugar or Himalayan red sea salt are sure to be hits that will have guests reminiscing about you wedding with every tasty bite.

Still searching for the perfect favor? For 32 creative DIY ideas, visit the DIY Network. The best part is, none of them will get shoved in a junk drawer.

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