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3 Delicious Berry Picking Outings in New Hampshire


Now that winter is behind us in New England, we are about to embark upon the berry picking season. This typically begins in late May and continues through the seasons until December in New Hampshire. For those who are interested in berry picking outings in New Hampshire, here are three to consider when planning your next trip.

1: Strawberry Picking: Early Spring Berries

Basket Full of Strawberries

You can start picking strawberries as early as May in New Hampshire. Strawberries are harvested through May, as well as throughout the month of June. They are most flavorful when they are completely red and small. Please take note that this variety of berry is not available at all pick your own farms.

2: Cherry and Blueberry Picking: Summer Berries

Blueberry Picking

These berries are best planned for pick your own trips during June. You can pick cherries from June until July, but blueberries will run through until August. When picking cherries, make sure their stems are still intact so they will last longer. When their stems are intact, they will last for a period of two weeks. When cherries do not have a stem, they will only last for up to two or three days following picking. Finding farms where cherry picking is available is tricky, but not impossible.

When picking blueberries, keep in mind that a white or green blueberry will not ripen once it is picked. However, a purple or red blueberry could continue ripening at room temperature following picking. A blueberry that has any redness on it is not fully ripened.

3: Raspberry Picking: Summer and Fall Berries

Raspberry Picking

You can plan a pick your own raspberry trip in New Hampshire from July through October and yield a good harvest. The trick to finding good raspberries is to tug gently on the berries while pinching and allowing the center part to remain on its stem. Do not toss berries or pack them too tightly into their container.

When planning each of these pick your own trips, the best place to go is Berry Knoll farm. Not only will you find a wide variety of berries, but they will be in season and available in a many different varieties. Their berries include raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, and currents. While you are on this trip, a great place to stay during your visit is Stonehurst Manor. There you will find beautiful accommodations that are a commutable distance to Berry Knoll Farm.

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