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2 Unforgettable White Mountain Snowmobiling Trails


White Mountain Snowmobiling

North Conway and the Mt Washington Valley are packed full of winter fun. Along with sports like skiing and snowshoeing, the area is home to some of the most sought-after snowmobiling in New England.

The Mount Washington Valley sports well over 100 miles of snowmobile trails, and there is said to be access to almost 1000 more miles beyond the immediate network. From Bartlett, a rider can travel in just about any direction including south to the Lakes Region, and north toward Maine and right up to the Canadian Border.

New Hampshire’s trails are known for being meticulously (but not “too” meticulously) maintained by a cadre of local snowmobile clubs and volunteers. Landowners have entered into cooperative agreements with the clubs to allow for pass-throughs within their property so long as the riders remain diligent and respectful. Think of this as a pure and telling reflection of the New Hampshire way and overall sense of community and cooperation.

With so many trails to choose from, it’s difficult at times to decide where to go. Online maps are available at several key websites, but at times it’s just nice to pack what you need and ride, letting the wind be your guide so to speak. If you’re looking for a more organized or guided trip, try Northern Extremes, a local snowmobiling rental and tour company in nearby Bartlett. Their website is actually a great source of information as well. You’ll find plenty of facts and recommendations, information about their services, and the following suggested rides; all of which seem to get rave reviews:

Snowmobiling NH

For a 2-3 Hour Ride
Looking for great views of the Mt Washington Valley and Fryeburg, Maine? Take Corridor 19 north to Hurricane Mountain Rd, Take a left up Hurricane Mt Rd until you see a sign that says Black Cap. This trail is narrow so watch your speed. The two mile climb will take you to the top of Black Cap Mountain where you will be sitting at a elevation of 2100 feet above the Valley. To return follow Hurricane Mt Rd down to the bottom. At bottom follow the loop signs back to Corridor 19 south. This will take you to the wide open fields of East Conway.

For a 4-8 hour Ride
“… heading south on Corridor 19 to Mt Shaw and Castle in the Clouds. This ride offers long straight sections and great mountain climbs. It is 36 miles to the top of Mt Shaw where you will be rewarded with 360* views of Mt Washington and Lake Winnipesaukee. Afterwards you can follow corridor 5 to the Castle in the Clouds and beyond.” (source: Northern Extremes Website)

There are several other places in the valley to rent machines, join groups on guided tours, or pick up essentials. But the most important part of this and any journey is where you’ll hang your hat (or your helmet as the case may be) when the day is through. If you consider things like hospitality, convenience, comfort, and value important, we have terrific news for you! The Stonehurst Manor has it all.

Stonehurst Manor is located just 9.9 miles from Northern Extremes, and a mere fraction of that distance from the nearest snowmobile trailhead. What could be more convenient than that? The Manor is also renowned for its comfort, food, atmosphere and libations. Its ability to provide this kind of a retreat at such a great value is a welcome thing to look forward to after a long day on the trail. Let your sore muscles relax in one of our jacuzi rooms or in the outdoor jacuzi, or sit down next to a warm crackling fire in one of our traditional stone fireplaces. Enjoy a cocktail at the bar and spend time reflecting back on the day’s sights and sounds, or dig in to a healthy portion of the Manor’s world-famous aged smoked Prime Rib to replenish your stores. At the Stonehurst Manor, we have this part of your snowmobile vacation in New Hampshire “covered”.

Winter is knocking on our door here in New Hampshire, so be sure to make your reservations soon! For questions about snowmobiling in New Hampshire and accommodations at the Stonehurst, contact us any time at 1-800-525-9100 or email us at

We look forward to the honor of serving you this snowmobile season!

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