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12 Month Wedding Plan Checklist


Planning for the event of a lifetime takes months of preparation and details. By starting 12 months in advance, it is possible to pick out the best wedding package for a personal budget and create the perfect atmosphere for an event.  Check out the infographic below, and be sure to read the details following the graphic!

12-Month Wedding Plan Checklist

by pjmilagan.
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1. Plan the Expenses

Any wedding planning guide will recommend budgeting as the first step of planning the event. It is not possible to select a venue, create a guest list or even buy the wedding dress until after the budget is set and organized. Pick a date for the wedding after the expenses are in order.

2. Pick the Venue

Pick the venue within the first two months. By booking in advance, the wedding will take place in the first choice location rather than the second or third. Look at several options before finalizing the location and then make arrangements to book the venue.

Organizing the guest list before finalizing the venue will make it easier to narrow down the choices because it determines how much space is required.

3. Select the Vendors

Select professionals who will help the wedding take place. Vendors may include the DJ for the reception, a caterer, the florist and the photographer. Try to make arrangements with the professionals around nine to ten months before the wedding so that they can put the event in their schedule.

4. Find a Professional to Officiate

Ask a priest, rabbi or a judge to preside over the ceremony. Like any other professional, they must plan their schedule in advance and will charge for their services.

5. Order the Dress

Wedding dresses take more time than the tux for the groom, so order the dress around eight months before the event. The extra time will ensure that alterations and adjustments are made throughout the months before the big event.

6. Pick the Cake

The wedding cake is usually ordered around seven to eight months in advance. Pick out the flavor, frosting, size and design early so that it is ready by the time of the wedding.

7. Order Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid dresses take time to alter to each individual girl, so it is important to order the dresses around seven months in advance.

8. Check the Guest List

Finalize the guest list around seven months early. Double check every individual and make final decisions about who is invited to the wedding.

Planning a wedding takes months of preparation, but the majority of the work takes place within the first six months. By starting the process a year in advance, it is easier to make tough decisions, change information and get the guests ready for the big event. The process is easier to handle when it takes place early.

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